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Computer Repair & Maintenance

Computer repair

We can set up your new computer, or troubleshoot and maintain your existing one.

- In today’s tech-heavy world, you need your computer in top notch condition, all the time. When computer issues arise, you need the right computer repair service to handle the problem for you, and stop it from reoccurring.

- Computers include both software and hardware components. If there is no proper maintenance done to your machine, your computer might fail to operate and you may end up with data loss and other critical errors.

IT Support

IT Support

We are here for you when problems arise. Help can be provided either remotely or on-site.

- Our remote software is secure and reliable. Remote support can be provided as soon as a tech answers your phone call. It is a significant improvement in response time compared to waiting for a technician to arrive at your residence. 

- As long as your computer is on and we have permission to access your computer - procedures such as upgrades and troubleshooting can be done at any time. This includes computer repair and hardware troubleshooting after normal business hours. 

Data Recovery & Management

Hard drive diagnostics

We will work with you to recover lost data and make the recovery process a smooth ride. 

- It has happened to almost all of us at one point, your computer fails and panic sets in. Maybe your files have not been backed up or the hard drive is the only backup you have. One way or another, we can help with the retrieval process.

- We use various computer hardware diagnostic tools that can recognize a faulty hard drive and replace it before it's too late. It is a good idea to pay attention to any noise coming from the hard drive and surrounding areas.

Solid State vs hard disk drive

Is your computer running slow? 

Before you throw out that old desktop or laptop, consider upgrading its storage. Solid State Drives are getting faster every year and replacing the storage in your old computer with a new SSD won’t cost you too much, and it will make a huge difference to the speed of your computing experience. These drives are much faster because they don’t have a spinning magnetic platter and a moving head. 

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